Surround Sound

Put Yourself in the Middle of the Action

Have you ever gone over to a friend’s house to watch a movie and decided that you might never leave? The quality and sound of the home theater experience was so professional that you could close your eyes and feel every bit like you were at the actual theater. The thought of going back home to your basic tv and lone speaker is just depressing compared to the realistic, immersive experience you’ve just had. What if every movie you watched and every game that you cheered your way through could come to life in your very own home? With a deluxe home audio system featuring surround sound, this dream can quickly become reality. With the addition of extra speakers, a few cords and some new buttons on the remote, our team of experts at Audio Visual Solutions can transform your once boring living room into the hot spot where everyone on the entire block wants to be. Night after night, rainy day after rainy day, you can enjoy all of your favorite media indulgences with a surround sound system that never disappoints!

The Difference It Makes

Until you have experienced surround sound as it relates to tracking along with a favorite movie, you don’t fully understand the treasure that you are missing out on. On a normal tv speaker, the sounds and actions of the characters and background noises blend together at a basic level and come across at a pretty steady volume. The sound of the train roaring down the tracks is not much more animated than the sound of the main character’s voice in any given scene.

However, if you sit through the same movie in a room where surround sound is in full effect, then you will find yourself practically jumping out of your seat at different times in the movie that have never really stood out before. The difference in having the sounds come to life as you watch is worth every penny! If you are choosing to spend your valuable and hard-earned free time by kicking back in front of the television for several hours, then you need to maximize the experience for yourself and your family as much as possible.

The Structure of the Setup

What makes surround sound effective is not only the quality of the technology itself but also the number of speakers that are installed in the room. You need to have several speakers along the floor and additional speakers that can bounce sound off of the ceiling or that are placed in the ceiling itself. You want the effect of sound coming from above, as if an airplane were flying over or rain was starting to pour. Therefore, you have to arrange your speakers accordingly to gain that overhead experience. Our technicians are very knowledgeable regarding how to bring that concept into your home, and the setup looks a bit different for everyone.

Ideally, you want plenty of speakers at the floor level and two to four on the ceiling, as well, but everyone has a different setup and price tag in mind. We want to create a customized surround sound system that works best for you! To learn more about the process of installation and why this audio visual enhancement is right for you, call or visit us online today. We would love to have the pleasure of working with you to bring an amazing listening experience into your home!