TV Installation & Mounting

TV Mounting and Installation

TV installation and mounting is a big job and can be very nerve-wracking. You don’t want to risk damaging your new TV during the process, making unnecessary holes in your drywall, or hooking everything up only to discover that something’s not working. Whether you’re installing a large new LED television or a projection system, at Audio Video Solutions, we’ll make installing and mounting your TV a breeze. With over 20 years of experience, our crew has all the right skills and expertise to get your TV set up wherever you want. You won’t even have to lift a finger! Are you moving to a new home and don’t want the added hassle of mounting and connecting the TVs in your new place? Leave it to us and cross it off your to-do list.

Audio Video Solutions can install and mount:

Indoor & Outdoor setups
Home Theater setups
New TVs
Surround Sound Systems
Swivel Mounts
All Devices Connected to your TV

Process of Installing and Mounting a TV

Mounting your TV on a wall or a fireplace enhances your viewing experience and allows your TV to blend right into your space. Although mounting a TV seems like an easy process, the overall installation can be quite tricky, especially when complicated by weight or multiple input sources.

  • TV Placement

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out exactly where you want your TV installed. You might want it inside, mounted above your fireplace, or outside installed in your outdoor living space. Furthermore, measuring out the size of your TV and making sure it will fit into your area comfortably is also an important part of the installation process. 

Wherever you want your TV placed, we’ll make sure your TV is the right size for your desired space and is mounted at the appropriate height for comfortable viewing.

  • Concealing the Wires 

 After your TV is mounted and installed, we’ll make sure all the wires are concealed. Hanging wires can be an eyesore and concealing them is more visually pleasing to most people. Hanging wires can also become hazardous to pets and kids that reach them. Concealing the wires will keep them out of sight and prevent any risks or incidents from happening. This may involve dropping wires through your walls or attaching them to the wall with the right connectors. There are many options for streamlining your setup and we’re familiar with them all. We’ll choose the best combination of options to get you set up the right way.

  • Additional Enhancements 

We provide a large selection of audio and video equipment to enhance your TV viewing experience. We can install additional speakers, including surround sound to put you right in the middle of whatever you’re watching. Want TV backlighting that changes color with what’s visible on the screen? Want to be able to swivel the TV to accommodate viewing from another angle? We can make all of this happen, adding additional enjoyment to your nightly sitcom binge or favorite action move. 

 Get Your TV Installed and Mounted Today!

You can count on us to get your TV installed and mounted in the most efficient way possible. No matter where you want your TV placed, or any additional equipment you want installed to enhance your viewing experience, Audio Video Solutions can get it done fast. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our company and the other services we offer!

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