Whole Home Audio

Music That Goes Everywhere You Do

What if your entire home was one giant speaker? With even your backyard and patio included, as well?! If every household were to install a home theater system and whole home audio system, then the world of movie theaters and concert venues as we know it would be drastically changed. You could have your favorite movie come alive in your living room just as vividly as it did when you saw it on opening night. Your favorite band or musician could be heard so clearly and loudly that it would feel like you were the lucky recipient of your own private concert.

The System That’s Right for Everyone

These lofty dreams can actually take root in your very home with the help of Audio Video Solutions and our amazing lineup of services. Our Whole Home Audio service is something that every customer can enjoy! Regardless of the size or layout of your home, these audio capabilities will enhance the value and enjoyment of your home for both yourself and all of your guests.

With this deluxe audio system, your music will follow you wherever you go. Whether tediously cleaning the bathrooms, out in the garage working on repairs, or entertaining your friends with drinks on the patio, your favorite playlist will meet you as vibrantly or softly as you prefer. Maybe you desire just a subtle background noise throughout the day in your home, or maybe you want to rattle the windows and have a mid-day dance party with your kids. Regardless of how often and how loudly you want to utilize your system, Whole Home Audio is perfect for everyone because it’s user friendly and catered to your specific desires.

Setup and Customization with YOU in Mind

When setting up the Whole Home Audio system for your home theater and beyond, you want to think about who all will be accessing the system and for what purpose. Setting up any necessary parental restrictions will be easiest if you make those decisions on the front end and set those security parameters as the norm for your household. Different members of the family can have different levels of access to the system, and our AV Solutions technician will guide you through the operational explanation of how it all works together for your home.

Also, consider how many different ways you will need to access the audio system on a day-to-day basis. What areas in your home do you want the audio to reach? You don’t want to leave out a room or corner of the house where your family spends the most time. And what about a remote control? Some of our customers want to have a master remote in their hands to add to the others on the coffee table, while others prefer a touch panel that is able to control all aspects of their home theater in just one unit. More and more of our customers prefer to control their Whole Home Audio system conveniently from their smartphone or tablet.

At Audio Visual Solutions, our desire is to find the home automation options that are right for you. Your lifestyle isn’t the same as your next door neighbor’s, and we work within each home to find the right level of customization for the audio setup you have in mind. Give us a call today at 940.735.5087 and see how our team of experts can bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your home!