How To Create a Lasting Infrastructure With Network Cabling

Have you ever had network connectivity issues at your business? Or struggled to install new equipment or devices? Unfortunately, in most cases, these struggles result from poorly planned or installed network infrastructure and cabling, which can render your existing technology useless in no time at all. Fortunately, you can take steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you or your team, whether it’s updating your physical infrastructure with new cables or implementing more advanced systems like VLANs (virtual local area networks).

To learn more about how to create a lasting infrastructure with network cabling, read below!

How To Create a Lasting Infrastructure With Network Cabling


What Is Network Cabling?

In its most basic form, network cabling is the process of connecting various devices to form a network. This can be done via wired or wireless means, but in most cases, it refers to the physical cables used to connect devices.

The type of cable used will depend on the application and the environment in which it will be installed. For example, Ethernet cable is usually used for computer networks, while fiber optic cable is often used for long-distance communications.

Choosing an Infrastructure

Building a lasting infrastructure starts with careful planning. First, you need to consider the future of your business and how it will grow. Then, you can decide on the type of network cabling that will best suit your needs. The three most common types of network cabling are twisted pair, coaxial, and fiber optic. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one for your business is essential.

How to Choose Components

When it comes to choosing the right components for your network cabling infrastructure, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. It would help if you make sure that the components you choose are compatible with each other.
  2. You need to ensure that the chosen components can handle the traffic you expect your network to have.
  3. You must ensure that the chosen components can withstand the elements.

Where Should You Install It?

It’s important to have a clear plan of where you want your cabling installed. This will ensure that your cabling is out of the way and you won’t be disturbed by foot traffic or other activity in your office. The best places to install network cabling are in the ceilings, under the floorboards, or in conduit.

What Type of Cable Should You Use?

Wiring standards help ensure that your cabling infrastructure can support current and future technologies. They also help ensure compatibility between different types of equipment. Also, wiring standards help make your network more reliable and can lower the cost of ownership.

Testing and Troubleshooting Your Installation

Once your cabling is installed, it is important to test and troubleshoot your installation to ensure everything is working correctly. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  1. Double-check and secure all of your connections
  2. Test your network by sending data between devices.
  3. Use a network analyzer to check for errors in the signal.
  4. Examine the cables for physical damage.

Final Thoughts

When setting up the infrastructure for your business, you want to ensure you do it right the first time. If you spend money on good network cabling, your business will have the foundation it needs to grow and do well.

Contact us today at Audio Visual Solutions or visit our website for more information on how we can help design the perfect network cabling system for your facility. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

AV Solutions: The Residential & Commercial Prewiring Professionals

Suppose you want to add home theater systems, intelligent security solutions, or home automation control solutions to your home or business. In that case, you’ll want a professional contractor who knows what they’re doing. AV Solutions has been installing residential and commercial prewiring solutions in Texas since 2011, and we know what it takes to keep our customers satisfied with the result of their projects.

Learn more about us today!

AV Solutions: The Residential & Commercial Prewiring Professionals

Pre-Wiring for Audio & Video

Pre-wiring your home or office for audio and video can save you time and money down the road. By running wires through the walls before the drywall goes up, you’ll have a much easier time installing your system later on. We offer residential prewire installation and commercial prewire installation, including data lines and fiber optic lines. We work with all types of equipment, including matrix switchers, power amplifiers, cable converters, patch panels, and digital video switches, to name just a few.

Our prewire experts are some of the best in the business, so you’ll never need to worry about our craft or quality again!

The Pre-wiring Process

If you want a system installed in your home, the first step is to find a professional installer with plenty of experience. We have over ten years of experience installing home theater systems at AV Solutions. We’ll work with you to figure out precisely what you need and want in a system, and then we’ll provide a detailed estimate of the costs involved. Once you decide to move forward with us, we’ll begin the prewiring process:

We’ll drill holes through your wall studs and run wires from one room to another (depending on where you want speakers). Using a tester for each wire connection point, we’ll ensure that all circuits are wired correctly before mounting any equipment. Once everything’s up and running for an initial test period, our installation technician will install the final products for your new system so that you can enjoy it!

Ready to Discuss Your Project?

When wiring your home or business for audio and visual equipment, you want to ensure the job is done right. That’s why you should call AV Solutions. We’ve been helping folks in Flower Mound, TX, for over 11 years. We’re experts in residential and commercial prewiring, so we can help you no matter your needs. Plus, we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about your project.

Contact us today at and one of our team members will be happy to set up a consultation with you.

Also, check out our blog post for more helpful information about how we can help you!

Security Camera Installation (In 3 Simple Steps)

Security cameras are essential for keeping an eye out in your home or business premises. A great surveillance system will enable you to protect yourself and your property at all times. Installing security cameras needs to be done right to give you the maximum benefits.

Here are three ways to have a functional security system.

Security Camera Installation (In 3 Simple Steps)

1. Choose The Best Location

Before knowing which type of camera you want, you need to create a plan of where they will be installed. Determine the areas you want to monitor around your home or business. Walk around your house and choose the correct points to mount the cameras.

The camera’s placement will determine the device’s longevity and the quality of video you get.

Outside cameras must be about 10 feet high to protect against the elements. If you are going for a wires system, know where the components will go before getting to the DVR box. Also, at this stage, you need to determine if you will hire a professional to install the security camera.

2. Determine the type of security camera technology you want

Security camera specifications can be confusing, but here are some terms you will hear when shopping for a security camera.

  • Analog cameras

Most surveillance systems use analog cameras. They capture the images and send them over a cable to the digital video recorder. The DVR converts the analog video to a digital signal, compresses it, and then stores it on a hard drive. The benefit of analog cameras is that you can use them over long distances.

  • IP cameras

These are cameras that transmit their video via an IP network. They integrate well with existing network systems. The limitation of IP cameras is that they can only run up to 300 feet of cable. You need to know the impact an IP camera will have on your bandwidth.

  • Wireless cameras

These are cameras that don’t need a wired system to operate. Powering them can be a problem, and if the area you want it to cover is large, it will impact the quality of the image. The further the receiver is from the camera, the more interference there will be to diminish the picture.

  • Auto Iris cameras

This is the ability of the camera iris to open and close the lens depending on the lighting conditions.

After understanding the terms associated with surveillance cameras, you can purchase one that will meet your needs.

3. Installation Process

Get a professional to help, or use the manual that comes with the camera and use it to mount the camera properly. Power the camera with batteries or a power source, and connect the wired system to the camera and the DVR. Place the camera on the mount and adjust the desired angle. Connect the security cameras to a network so that you can see all the video from all cameras on your monitors.

Contact us at AV Solutions for your security camera installation.

A Whole-House Audio System Can Make Your Home A Music Destination

Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to listen to music in today’s homes, but what if there was an even easier way? Home audio, now that’s the answer! Whole-house audio can make your home a music destination.

A Whole-House Audio System Can Make Your Home A Music Destination

What makes a home a music destination?

For many people, a home is a place where they can escape the cares of the world. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or a party spot, there’s nothing quite like an audio system that helps make your home a music destination.

There are few things more relaxing than curling up with a good album, and sound can help transport you to another place or time. When done well, an entire audio system can be used to create an immersive listening experience that encompasses all your senses.

If you’re considering adding whole-house audio to your home, several factors must be considered. Here are the four most important considerations: layout, acoustics, aesthetics, and technology.

The layout is important because it affects how well the audio system works and because it plays a role in how you interact with the system. You want to reach everything you need while enjoying your music easily. Consider which areas of your home will be best suited for whole-house audio and plan accordingly.

ACOUSTICS is another key consideration when selecting an audio system. Make sure to factor in the layout of your room as well.

What Is A Whole-House Audio System?

When you have a whole-house audio system in your home, you can enjoy the music playing in different parts of the house regardless of where you are. This means you can relax on the couch and listen to the music from the living room while you cook in the kitchen or vice versa. Instead of moving around to different sources to get the music you want, a whole-house audio system can provide it all right from one central location.


Investing in a whole-house audio system can be the perfect solution, whether you are a music lover or enjoy your home without fighting with neighbors or blasting the sound from one room to another. With today’s technological advancements, several Whole-House Audio system options allow for immersive surround sound and true Dolby Vision (a high-resolution video codec) playback.

At AV Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with honest, accurate services at rates well within your budget. Visit our website to browse our selection of systems, find the perfect one for your needs, and let us help you configure it to create an acoustic oasis just for you! contact us today for inquiries.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation refers to an electronic system (or group of systems) that allows the user to remotely control services in their house. These services can either be activated manually with the use of a remote or through a variety of other triggers such as timers or motion. All of these systems use the internet to stay connected and active and are only limited by the availability of devices that have the proper functionality (which is expanding consistently).

What Is Home Automation?

What Are the Advantages of Home Automation?

The largest and most obvious advantage of home automation is convenience. Having systems turn on and off without having to directly interact with them leads to a lot of time and effort saved for users. Another use for these systems is energy efficiency.

Being able to have your air conditioner turn on an hour before you come home instead of running all day or having lights turn off when they aren’t being used can make a noticeable dent in energy use. Finally, home security is much easier to manage. Having systems turn off when you get within a certain distance of your home or getting notifications when alarms are triggered while you are away provides the peace of mind that many people desire.

How Do I Get a Home Automation System Installed?

Figuring out what systems you are trying to automate is the first step when trying to install a home automation system. Once you have an idea of what you are trying to automate, researching brands and available systems should be your next step. When you have roughly decided on these things, contact Audio Video Solutions, and work with us to finalize the required equipment as well as schedule a time for an installation. That’s all it takes to automate your home and enjoy the benefits.

Why You Should Choose Savant Smart Audio Soundbar For Your Home

If you’re looking for an incredible soundbar that will completely transform your home theater experience, you need to check out the Savant Smart Audio Soundbar. This soundbar is loaded with features that will take your movie watching and music listening to the next level.

There’s a lot to love about this new Soundbar:

  1. It’s a sleek, unobtrusive design that won’t dominate your living room.
  2. It delivers rich, detailed sound that will fill any space.
  3. The soundbar is packed with features that will make your life easier.

Why You Should Choose Savant Smart Audio Soundbar For Your Home


It is designed to integrate with your TV seamlessly. It’s slim and sleek, with a low profile that won’t block your TV’s remote sensor. The soundbar is available in black or white to match your decor.


This Soundbar delivers rich, detailed sound that will fill any room. With Dolby Atmos and DTS: X support, you’ll be able to enjoy truly immersive audio that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.


It is packed with features that will make your life easier.

  • Bluetooth connectivity so you can wirelessly stream music from your smartphone or tablet.
  • It also has built-in WiFi, so you can connect to your home network and access your favorite streaming services.
  • The soundbar also includes a built-in subwoofer for deep, powerful bass. You’ll be able to feel the rumble of explosions and the thump of bass-heavy music.
  • The Savant Smart Audio Soundbar also comes with built-in Amazon Alexa support, so you can control your soundbar using your voice.
  • The soundbar is compatible with Savant’s multi-room audio system. This system lets you play music in multiple rooms.


The Savant Smart Audio Soundbar is an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality soundbar. It offers rich, detailed sound quality and convenient features that make it easy to use. It’s also affordable and comes with a one year warranty.

If you are looking for, or just bought the Savant Smart Audio Soundbar, make sure you call a professional home system installer to install it for you. At AV Solutions, we have a team of experts that will offer you the best installation services for you. Contact us to learn more.

Commercial Audio Visual Services For Your Business

You only get one chance to make a good first impression on your customers, and that is why a professionally done audio-visual installation is so important. Audio Video Solutions of Flower Mound, TX understands the value of both the form and function of a properly installed system, and has the knowledge and expertise to help your enterprise shine over the competition. We install projectors and screens, smart boards, video conferencing, and televisions for all commercial business types.

Commercial Audio Visual Services are the Centerpiece of a Business's Presentation

Plan from start to finish

It is imperative that you have a master plan that completely lays out what you are hoping to accomplish before even a single screw goes into a wall. Audio Video Solutions can help design the project from the ground up to avoid common pitfalls and expensive, unnecessary rework. We will provide consultative services and advise you on the best way to carry out your vision.

Professional grade setups matter

Nothing can ruin a live event like a malfunctioning audiovisual system, which can be caused by something as innocent looking as an improperly shielded wire or a slightly loose connector. Even though these items might look miniscule to an untrained eye, their impact on a performance can be enormous. Whether it be a speaking engagement, a concert, or just a television at a bar, we can ensure that your venue is up to the task.

The centerpiece of any business location or venue

What if you could have a sign installed that you never had to physically get up and modify every time you wanted to change what it said? With the advent of digital signage, monitors and televisions have become one of the primary methods of communicating to customers, whether it be a menu, map, or just vital as-needed updates. Music can also set the vibe you are looking for, from gentle background melodies for a quiet shopping experience to the heavy bass required for an amazing concert. Whatever mood you are looking to set, Audio Video Solutions can make it happen.

Are you interested in a consultation for audio visual services at your business? Please feel free to reach out to us!

Home Theater Systems

Just about everyone feasts their eyes on movies every once in a while. While going to a theater to see the latest blockbuster might be a good idea, installing a home theater proves to be a sound decision. Home theater systems are entertainment systems that recreate a movie theater mood and experience using high-quality audio and video appliances.

A home theater system is made up of the following elements:

  •  A home theater receiver
  •  TV and screen
  •  A video source
  •  Speakers, including a center speaker, right and left rare, and forward speakers.

Home Theater Systems

The Two Main Types of Systems

Soundbar systems

A system that provides high-quality sound without requiring space surround sound speaker set up and the expense of a home theater receiver.

All-in-one home theater systems

Generally, it consists of an array of surround sound speakers, an audio amplifier, and a subwoofer.

Advantages of Having a Home Theater in Your Home


With a home theater system set in place, you can comfortably feast your eyes on a movie whenever you want in your own home.

Remote control

When you are an owner of a home theater, you can pause the show to use the washroom, rewind to watch that football match or binge-watch a series for two or more nights.

Saves money

Home theater systems are a one-off investment compared to going out to theaters to pay for tickets to watch the latest movies. With a home theater set in place, you’ll balance the budget.

Increases Your Home’s Value

A properly installed home theater can boost your home’s value by transforming a garage, a basement, or an extra room into a high-end bar.

High-Quality Sound

Quality sound does not distort the bass and has a well-defined mid-range. Once you customize and install a quality surround sound system; you’ll get high-resolution audio that fills the room wherever you are seated.

Incredible Gaming Experience

Most advanced video games include the power of a full surround sound. So, with a home theater system, you can hear your enemies behind you and have other best advantages when playing.

Final Thoughts

Home theater systems are a lifetime luxury. At Audio Video Solutions, we offer exceptional installation services. Contact us today for more information about our home theater systems.

Understanding Why You Need a Home Automation System

Have you ever run out of your house in the middle of the night because you were unsure whether you had turned on the security lights? What about calling someone at home minutes after arriving at work asking them to arm the security system? A couple of decades ago, this was a typical situation before the golden age of innovation, technological development, and home automation.

Understanding Why You Need a Home Automation System

What does home automation mean?

Home automation, also referred to as domotics, is a technologically supported solution that automatically controls all electronic devices in a home. You must connect all devices to the internet to enable remote control. If you install an automation system, machines can prompt each other, eliminating manual control by using a voice assistant or an app.

Why home automation system is a necessity in your home 

The top advantages of the devices are:

Safety of your home 

Leaving your children alone at home while you work is no longer troublesome. You do not need to switch off all your electronic appliances before retiring to bed or leaving home. With a home automation system, you can monitor all your devices, ensure their safety and that they are off. When gadgets are safely switched off, you prevent gas leakages, fire, water leaks, and other accidents.


Home automation technology is automatic, making it convenient for its users. Most of the gadgets that are used are compatible with each other. Therefore, you can set different triggers between different devices to control regular home activities and processes.

Peace of mind 

You want to feel at peace wherever you are. You no longer need to keep checking those you left home or the running devices. A home automation system will allow you to verify with only a tap on your phone.

No price is equal to the safety of your home and family. You will be out of your home, and you need to be sure your home is safe. Contact Audio Video Solutions of Flower Mound, TX. They have been in existence for over 11 years, which guarantees experience and expertise.

Getting Set Up With Commercial AV Services

Why Use Commercial AV Services?

Installing AV systems in your home or business can run into a lot of problems if done as a DIY project. Things such as no sound, sound from wrong directions or sources, or continuous humming from speakers are common problems to experience — and these are only a small sample of the potential issues you can face when installing AV systems. Avoiding these problems by hiring professionals who have worked with these systems on many occasions is a great reason to work with commercial AV services.

Getting Set Up With Commercial AV Services

What Is the Job of AV Services?

AV services can be broken down into a few key jobs:

  • Mounting equipment such as TVs, speakers, or projectors.
  • Concealing and running cables to and from each of the sources.
  • Making sure everything works the way the customer expects it to work.
  • Having the proper tools and knowledge to do this without damaging any of the equipment or building.

What Do AV Companies Work With?

AV Service companies install a very large array of equipment. Most commonly people will be utilizing them to install home theater systems (mounted TVs, surround sound, etc). The available installations reach far beyond that though.

Services might include infrastructure and network setups for groups on integrated computers or devices. Security services such as cameras or alarms also apply. Additionally, home automation services to make things like temperature control or automated blinds convenient and automatic all fall under the list of AV services.

How Do I Contract AV Services?

A list of installation services can be found at Audio Video Solutions. Feel free to reach out to consult with a service member to describe your wants and get an estimate for their work. From there, it is only a matter of setting up an appointment for one of our techs to come by and make it happen!