When Is It Time to Change Your Business Network’s Cabling?

Since cables stay folded up under cubicle desks and hidden in the walls, it can be difficult to keep them in mind. But your office’s cables might be slowing down your business. If your business has expanded since you last upgraded your network or you want to get to the bottom of network down times, look into your cables. Here are two changes you can make to help your business speed up:

When Is It Time to Change Your Business Network's Cabling?

Standardize your equipment.

Most business networks grow a bit organically. You might start off with just a few people, with one router and a shared password. But as you pick up new employees and start to fill out more and more of an office space, you need a bigger network. That often means picking up a new router here and there, adding a few new cables, and making do to focus on the business. But a patchwork network is more than slow. It’s full of vulnerabilities and the possibility of a long outage. Have an expert take a look at your cabling and make suggestions for improvements that make the most impact on your network. You don’t have to change everything, but you do have to remove vulnerable connections.

Add more ports.

Business technology is going mobile. Even if your employees need to come into the office every day, they shouldn’t be restricted to their cubicles. Make sure you fill the break room, huddle rooms, and conference areas with plenty of Ethernet cables and USB ports so your employees can hold meetings with a shared screen or tap into a more direct Internet connection for extra speed. Not having enough resources can slow down a meeting and make people think working with other departments is more inconvenient than it’s worth.

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