Tips for Building your own Media Room

A media room has several distinct advantages for anyone who spends a lot of time watching television and the like as it gives you a specific location to set up all of your media watching devices. These tips should help give you some ideas for things that should make your life easier if you plan to build your own media room.

Tips for Building your own Media Room

1. Pick a Large Room

If you plan to build a media room then it is likely to have a lot of things in it to fulfill all your needs. To make sure you can fit everything you will need for your media needs in this one room, it is a good idea to choose a fairly large room to serve as the location for your media room so that you don’t have to cut something out of your plans due to a lack of available space.

2. Projector Trumps Flat Screen TV

If you followed the previous advice and picked a large room then you should have plenty of wall space for your media room. Since a large screen size is the best investment you can make and projectors give you the most substantial available size as well as the fact that projectors eliminate potential viewing angle issues, you should get a projector rather than a TV for your media room.

3. More Inputs is Better

Your media room is likely to have a lot of devices you will want to use so you will want to have them all plugged into your output device at once (or at least as many as you can) so you should try and get a projector (or TV if you have to) that has as many display inputs as possible. Failing this, an adapter to plug in multiple display devices at the same time can also work but having as many inputs as you can is extremely important.

4. Sound is King

It doesn’t matter how good your picture is unless you have equally good sound quality. If your audio is crap then you will not want to use your media room to watch anything so make sure you get the best quality speakers you possibly can! If possible, you should invest in a surround sound system for better audio immersion.

If all of this sounds a bit daunting then don’t worry. We here at Audio Video Solutions can help you find the right gear for your home’s Media Room setup. Contact us today for help in getting your setup started!