2 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Network Cabling Checked Out

Network outages can impact a business’s bottom-line more than almost any other technological hang-up. Lost productivity because of a slow network is just as bad, especially if it’s impacting your employees’ ability to respond to customers or even your site’s updates. While software slowdowns such as overuse and malware can hurt your communications network, so can the hardware it relies on.

2 Signs It's Time to Have Your Network Cabling Checked Out

Why should you hire an expert to check your business’s network cabling?

  • The cabling might be out of date. Whether you’re renting an office building or you have a storefront with points of sale that connect to your company headquarters, updated cabling is one of the best resources you can have for ensuring a faster connection. Older cabling wasn’t built to handle streaming content or wide array of connectivity different devices rely on. We can make sure your cabling not only can handle your volume of use but is optimized for your type of use.
  • You might not have enough connection points. Businesses work best if your employees can work in areas beyond their desks. There might be interdepartmental meetings, a hurried conference, or a phone call with a client that needs to take place behind closed doors. Getting your cabling updated is a great opportunity to increase the number of connection points in meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and even in common areas.

More and more businesses rely on a strong Internet connection. If your business is expanding or more of your services are online, now is the right time to make sure your network cables can handle the extra load. Go to Audio Video Solutions here to get started.