The Most Common Network Cabling Pitfalls To Avoid

Network cabling is the type of task that can seem deceptively simple. While it may look very easy on paper, those who are experienced in this regard certainly know better. There are a number of common pitfalls that can take place and they are all avoidable.  In order to steer clear of the extra costs and aggravation that are associated with network cabling pitfalls, read on to find out more…

The Most Common Network Cabling Pitfalls To Avoid

Lack of Management

This is where all of the problems tend to begin. If the cables are not being managed in the correct manner, it is very difficult to avoid the additional problems that are going to take place as a result. The cables need to be organized and labeled in the correct manner.

No Plan For The Future

Some find themselves excessively focused on the planning and installation process and they forget the importance of having a plan for the future. Decide how everything will be laid out before installation begins so that these types of issues do not take place.

No Prior Knowledge of the Law

Laying all of the groundwork is great but unless the installer knows the laws and ordinances that are associated with their project, a number of issues are bound to occur.

Failure To Test The Network Ahead of Time

So the layout has been set up and all parties involved seem happy. All that is left to do now is start it up, right? Wrong. The network must be tested before it can be activated. This allows the installer to catch any errors that are taking place and rectify them before any data transmissions are negatively affected.

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