TV Mounting Guide for Beginners

If you are new to the world of TV mounting or just flat screen televisions in general and you want to mount your TV to the wall rather than having it take up a stupid amount of space on a stand because you don’t know how to do TV mounting then some help in figuring out how to mount a TV properly would probably be helpful to you.

TV Mounting Guide for Beginners

The first steps to the mounting process begin even before you choose a mount. You need to make sure that the wall area you wish to mount your TV on is large enough to fit the TV you are planning on putting there and has enough space behind it to properly install your connector cables so you can reasonably connect it to other devices without having to worry about connections coming undone at any point.

Once you have picked out the space you plan to install your TV in and ensured that it is large enough for the TV that you are going install, the next step is to acquire a mounting bracket of the appropriate size. Most mounts come in two separate pieces: the wall mount and the TV mounting plate. The first step is to ensure the wall mount is correctly installed onto the wall in the chosen area.

To install the wall mount, you first need a stud finder. Take it, locate the studs that will support your TV and mark their locations with a pencil. Next, mark in pencil where the corners of the TV are going to be located and use a level to make sure that the two mounting holes are even and level with each other.

Once you are sure that the holes are properly level, it is time to get out the power drill and start drilling. Use a power drill to drill the holes you will need for the wall bracket’s screws or bolts (depending on the particulars of your mount, which it is may vary) and follow any provided instructions to attach the bracket to the wall using the screws or bolts provided.

Some brackets may be somewhat difficult for a single person to effectively line up on their own. If you have difficulties lining up the bracket then you should seek help. Two people can often align a wall bracket much more effectively than one. Once that is done, make sure to further attach the mount using any relevant screws before moving on to the TV mounting plate.

If your TV has a stand then have it unbolted and removed ASAP. Once that is done, lay the TV face-down on a soft surface (preferably a bed or large couch) and begin installing the mounting plate to the rear of your television. Locate the mounting holes on the back of your TV and remove any plastic coverings over places where screws will be needed.

Once you have located everything, line up the mounting plate with the back of your TV (preferably with help as this can be tricky if you attempt it as a one-person job) and screw the plates and mounting arm to the back of the TV MANUALLY. This is really important. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to attach the TV half of the mounting kit using a power screw as this will likely result in damage to your television.

With everything screwed into place, it is now time to lock the TV to the wall mounting bracket. Follow any provided instructions to securely connect the TV to its mount and test its connections and various functions to ensure they work properly.

Now, your TV is properly mounted and you can enjoy having a flat screen TV mounted on your wall and the space saving this provides you with.

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