Two Reasons to Update Your Home’s Cables Along with Your Television

DIY television splitters used to be the only way to have more than one television in a house. But as more televisions were added, the image got grainier, the sound quality decayed, and the experience became less and less enjoyable. Modern content networks, such as online video hosting companies and more customization data plans, have improved things, but network cabling still plays a large part in how you can enjoy media throughout your house.

Two Reasons to Update Your Home's Cables Along with Your Television

Why should you talk to a trained professional about installing network cabling?

  • Cables dictate a television’s location. Finding the right place to install your television can already be a headache, especially as you juggle various factors like windows, wall space, and a comfortable height and angle. Adjusting your cables so they can reach your new television without trailing across the wall can be difficult. Let our experts take a look so adding cables inside your walls only has to be done once.
  • Many houses are still using the cabling that came with the initial construction. Even though many of your devices may be wireless, have a cabled connection still promises the best resolution and cohesive data retrieval. As part of your home theater installation, make sure you have the best cabling for picture and audio quality so you can tap into online providers without delays or interruptions.

Cabling is much more customization than it used to be. Whether you want to have multiple, hooked up screens throughout your house or you just want to ensure a quality connection in your main home theater, Contact Audio Video Solutions to get started.