Projector or TV in a Media Room

Many people would have to choose whether a TV or projector would work best in their media room. For these people, a projector is an ideal fit for their needs. The following information should help anyone still on the fence about choosing to go with a projector over a traditional television unit by providing them with all the information you need about why a projector is a superior choice.

Projector or TV in a Media Room


A standard TV unit is a fairly inflexible device in terms of where you can put it and what it can be connected to. Projectors are vastly more flexible in a wide variety of ways. They allow you to enjoy high quality from a variety of different angles and can be connected to a slew of different devices with ease.

Unlike most TVs, they can also be made to serve as a computer monitor as well and there is no need to go messing around with complicated settings to get the screen to look right when used with a computer – they can just work with relative ease.

Projectors are also incredibly flexible with regard to their operating location and what surface they can be used on. While a projector screen is ideal, they can be used to project the image onto pretty much any flat surface with little issue and this image can be any size you like which allows them to be far more flexible than a TV. Not to mention that projectors are far more lightweight than a television and do not require a mount to be installed for them to work properly.

Picture Quality

The picture quality is also extremely good and allows viewers to enjoy whatever is being projected from a variety of different angles at a level of quality that is equal or superior to what a flatscreen TV would be capable of providing.

If you have further questions about how you can benefit from switching to a TV projector then you should contact Audio Video Solutions for more information.