How Are Speaker Systems Arranged?

Part of a professional home theater installation is fantastic audio. Professionals know the best spots and optimal arrangements for crystal-clear surround sound, and they can work with you to make any room a great home theater. But knowing the basics of surround sound and how different speakers should be placed can help you make more informed decisions about the best place in your house for a media room, what system you want, and how you want to style the room to draw attention to the central focus: the screen.

How Are Speaker Systems Arranged?

What are the basics included in a sound system?

The first part of your speaker system is the front three speakers. The first is the center channel speaker. Whether your center speaker is above or below the screen, it should point directly forward but be tilted up or down to reach your ears when you’re sitting. You will generally have two front speakers, one on either side of the screen and pointed directly towards the seat in front of the television. They are also usually placed at the ear, or headrest, a level which is why they’re either built into stands or installed on the wall.

What about surround sound systems? 

The first number in a surround sound speaker system tells you whether you have five speakers (5.1 surround sound) or seven (7.1 surround sound). If you have the first system, then the remaining two speakers are usually placed to the left and right of the main chair or couch. With 7.1 surround sound, your four remaining speakers are arranged in two pairs: one to the left and right of the main seat, and the second pair is behind you. All of the speakers should be angled towards the audience, and, unlike with the front two speakers, they should be installed a couple feet above ear level.

Sometimes sound systems also come with subwoofers, additional speakers for oddly-shaped rooms, or even sound bars that direct sound in multiple different directions. No matter what the shape of your media room or the level of complexity you’re looking for, our specialists at Audio Video Solutions can help get you what you’re looking for.