Virtual Surround Sound vs. Surround Sound: What’s the Right Choice?

Whenever you’re making your final decision about an electronic purchase, a lot of the choices are going to come down to expense and quality. These two lines intersect on the graph of your preferences: as quality goes up, affordability goes down. While these two lines aren’t perfectly diagonal, the trend for home theater speaker systems is clear. Virtual surround sound is on the less expensive side of the spectrum while high-quality 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems become pricey.

Virtual Surround Sound vs. Surround Sound: What's the Right Choice?

But if you want to carefully weigh your options and pick the best fit for your home theater, you need more than generalities. Keep these differences in mind.

When is virtual surround sound a perfect fit?

If you have a small home theater or you want to keep the space neat and tidy, invest in a virtual or 2.1 surround sound system. These speaker systems are made up of a central sound bar or two speakers and one subwoofer (which is what 2.1 is shorthand for).

Virtual surround sound uses delays and complex angles to make it seem like you’re listening to surround sound. The system isn’t perfect, but it’s near enough to give you great immersion. Choose this system if you value good sound, your budget, and an organized theater.

When is 7.1 surround sound a better choice?

If you’re an audiophile who can hear the difference between compressed and uncompressed music files, you might want to invest more in your sound quality. These systems also work better in larger rooms that are too big for virtual solutions. 7.1 surround sound speaker systems follow the same naming convention as 2.1 systems: they have seven speakers and a subwoofer so you can place speakers at the front sides, and back of your home theater. Real surround sound is more expensive. So if you choose this option, you’ll also want to research specific models, invest in mounting hardware, and have professional installation.

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Why A Quality Surround System is Important for Your Home Theater

Every home theater system is never complete without a quality sound system. You want clean, crisp audio to match the visuals of your television system, and this is where having a good, quality surround sound system is a must. However, not all sound systems provide the same results, so it is important to pay attention to quality when making your decision.

Why A Quality Surround System is Important for Your Home Theater

A surround sound system will not only provide you with quality sound control, but will also fill out your home theater space. A lower-end system, whether surround or not, will not fill out the room in the same way. In other words, it will leave some “dead spaces” in certain areas farther away from the speakers. With a good surround sound system you will never have this issue and no matter where you sit in your home theater space you will be provided with excellent sound coverage.

A surround sound system is a good choice if you want your entire room to be filled with crisp, clear sound with good volume control. It is also a good option if you watch a lot of movies or T.V. shows because the sound will add depth to the programs you enjoy and will add that “movie theater quality” we all strive to recreate at home. You will be able to hear every detail of the sound layout of whatever you are watching.

A surround sound system is also a great option if you listen to a lot of music. Many home theater systems now have music players and music stations to use, and playing your favorite music through a surround system will enhance the listening experience to the next level.

Installing a quality surround sound system does not have to involve stress. We are here to help you on your journey to creating the perfect home theater, and sound is no exception. We will communicate with you your options and install the perfect sound system for your home. One of our top priorities is delivering attentive customer service, so you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. If you would like more information about our services, and to see how we can help you, please contact us.

Installing Surround Sound Speakers In An Odd Shaped Space

A surround sound system is a great addition to a home because it creates nearly theater-quality sound that is hard to top. However, if your media room is an odd shaped space, it can be hard to install your speakers properly. Thankfully, we are here to help you better understand surround sound speaker placement.

Installing Surround Sound Speakers In An Odd Shaped Space

First of all, we suggest placing your seating area in the largest part of the room. This area is typically the bottom and is usually wider and easier to place your seating and viewing items. Next, position your seating so that it faces the television and place your surround sound speakers throughout the room in logical areas.

For example, the front speakers should be placed near the television on the left and right sides. This helps to create a reasonable sound balance that is understandable for your audio instincts. Next, place the mid-level speakers on walls halfway between the front and back of the room. The back speakers should then be hung on the wall in the back corners.

If you get a nasty echo, hang up a sheet or another item to block the area. This will keep the audio focused directly at you and other viewers. If you need help with this process, don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more. Our specialists will work hard to install a great surround sound system in your home and to provide you with comprehensive maintenance and installation tips.

4 Tips and Ideas for Setting Up Your Media Room

Setting up a media room in your home? A media room allows you to relax and enjoy the “going out to the movies” experience without ever leaving your home. Here are a few tips and ideas for your media room.

4 Tips and Ideas for Setting Up Your Media Room

Decorate It

If you’re just setting up a screen on one wall, you should not neglect the other walls. You can hang up movie posters, pictures of famous Hollywood or television stars, or anything else that will enhance your media room. Putting up the right light fixtures on your walls is also important for the feel of your media room.

Add Amenities

Besides the screens, speakers and other equipment, equip your room with the best theater amenities. Put up a mini popcorn or ice cream and slush machine. You can even get a small soda bottle machine. Make it feel like you’re in a real movie theater.

Consider the Style

The style of your media room will shape the entire experience. Find a style that you like, and go with it. For example, you might want to go for the darkened movie theater look. Besides installing the right light fixtures around the room, you can get dark brown or black chairs, sofas, and other furniture.

Get Help

A media room is best set up by a professional. A lot of technical aspects need to be taken care of. For example, the screen must be in the right place and angle so that everyone has an optimal view. The speakers must be set up so that there is a perfect surround sound that enhances your viewing experience. For help with setting up your media room, contact us today!

How Are Speaker Systems Arranged?

Part of a professional home theater installation is fantastic audio. Professionals know the best spots and optimal arrangements for crystal-clear surround sound, and they can work with you to make any room a great home theater. But knowing the basics of surround sound and how different speakers should be placed can help you make more informed decisions about the best place in your house for a media room, what system you want, and how you want to style the room to draw attention to the central focus: the screen.

How Are Speaker Systems Arranged?

What are the basics included in a sound system?

The first part of your speaker system is the front three speakers. The first is the center channel speaker. Whether your center speaker is above or below the screen, it should point directly forward but be tilted up or down to reach your ears when you’re sitting. You will generally have two front speakers, one on either side of the screen and pointed directly towards the seat in front of the television. They are also usually placed at the ear, or headrest, a level which is why they’re either built into stands or installed on the wall.

What about surround sound systems? 

The first number in a surround sound speaker system tells you whether you have five speakers (5.1 surround sound) or seven (7.1 surround sound). If you have the first system, then the remaining two speakers are usually placed to the left and right of the main chair or couch. With 7.1 surround sound, your four remaining speakers are arranged in two pairs: one to the left and right of the main seat, and the second pair is behind you. All of the speakers should be angled towards the audience, and, unlike with the front two speakers, they should be installed a couple feet above ear level.

Sometimes sound systems also come with subwoofers, additional speakers for oddly-shaped rooms, or even sound bars that direct sound in multiple different directions. No matter what the shape of your media room or the level of complexity you’re looking for, our specialists at Audio Video Solutions can help get you what you’re looking for.

Home Surround Sound With Dolby Atmos

The latest big thing for surround sound for home theater setups is called Dolby Atmos. The technology was rolled out in 2012 for cinemas and was first used in Pixar’s “Brave.” Now Dolby Atmos is available for home theaters, and Netflix is starting to produce programming that takes advantage of the technology, according to the Verge.

Home Surround Sound With Dolby Atmos

The way that Dolby Atmos works is that it configures sounds as objects rather than restrict them to individual channels. In a movie theater setting, this involves setting up speakers along the walls and the ceilings of the auditorium. Sounds then seem to originate from the direction they would in real life and then move in the appropriate direction. Hence, an aircraft engine would appear to come from above and move across the sky. The sound of people speaking would move from one side to the other with the characters.

In a home theater system, the set up comes with an AV receiver that is capable of processing Dolby Atmos sound and up to 34 speakers, though most can get away with using fewer. To get the effect of sound coming from above, one has a couple of options. The first option involves using speakers that can bounce sound off the ceiling, thus gaining the effect. For hardcore enthusiasts, specially designed speakers are available that can be mounted on the ceiling. The ideal setup consists of 12 speakers at floor level and two to four on the ceiling as an upgrade.

In the meantime, programming that uses Dolby Atmos is just starting to be available. Netflix has released a film called “Okja” that uses the new surround sound technology and will be rolling out other feature-length films configured the same way periodically in the future.

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Sound in Every Corner of the Room

When the big screen comes to life and the smell of buttered popcorn wafts through the movie theater, you realize you have entered a world of mini-escape, an almost universal experience of entertainment that has been popular for decades! But increasingly popular is the desire to bring a similar experience into the home via entire rooms dedicated to the theater encounter.

Sound in Every Corner of the Room

One of the thrills of going to the movie theater is being immersed completely in surround sound, where every corner of the room whispers, booms, and creaks. The sounds of whirring helicopter blades, the chop of an ax on wood, the songs of birds–all this and more can be experienced with a good home surround sound system! And although there are a number of quality televisions on the market that offer excellent quality and sound, installing surround sound will bring a superior experience to your home theater as you enjoy the latest box office hits, the Superbowl, or your favorite prime time series! Do you want to kick back and take in some of your favorite tunes? A high-quality home audio system delivers your music 360 degrees, too.

You choose the room, find some comfortable seating, and pop the popcorn, then give us a call at Audio Video Solutions. For over eleven years, we have been providing sales, service, and installation of home theater products in the Denton, Texas and surrounding areas. We are committed to doing the job for our customers quickly, professionally, and their complete satisfaction! Be sure to check our website for current promotions!

Get your surround sound now

From extravagant home theaters to simple flat screen installations, the best movie experience starts with surround sound!

Get your surround sound now

Everyone wants to experience a movie at home as close to being in the theater as they can. Some people think that just means getting the largest screen, or the curved screen, or the newest 4K TV. While a larger screen may help you approximate the visual sensations of sitting in a theater it doesn’t really capture the whole immersive experience.

If you have a surround sound system, watching a movie on a smaller screen can improve the overall experience. Surround sound can put you in the middle of the action, and more convincingly, than just watching the movie. It makes it seem like the action is taking place all around you rather than just in front of you on a flat surface.

Audio Video Solutions have been in business for over 10 years, and we know how to create this immersive experience for you in your home, whether it is in your personal home theater or right in your living room. You can have the fantastic sensation of sitting in a theater while staying on your couch or, even better, feel like you are in the middle of the battle, or the ocean, or the love scene, or wherever your viewing choice takes you. Let us take you on this incredible voyage by simply installing your surround system.

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