Professional Home Theater Installation Tips

Home theater systems have a lot of parts: whether you want speakers that aren’t easily visible or or remotes that control everything, installing your home theater system can be get complicated very quickly if you want it done right. If you want to be sure everything is installed correctly and with optimal placement, calling in an home theater expert can be a huge help.

Professional Home Theater Installation Tips

What does a home theater installation expert look for when setting up your system?

  • Location, location, location! Finding the best locations for every part of your home theater system depends on a lot of factors: equipment needs to be easy to access but also need to be close enough to a room’s wiring for good connections. Speakers need to be set high along a room’s wall, but they need to be installed in such a way that the cords are discreet or entirely hidden. When a technician is installing your home system, they’re keeping a checklist of where to place every piece of equipment.
  • How to protect the equipment: It’s still common to install televisions over an outdoor fireplace, but the increased heat below and behind a mounted television set can damage it and lead to more frequent replacements. Installation experts aren’t just looking for a stable place to mount your screens and speakers; they’re evaluating the surrounding environment for sources of heat and potential damage, especially if your home theater system extends to the outside.
  • What an outdoor theater needs to run smoothly: Outdoor systems are complicated. Regardless of who’s installing your system, they have to take into account temperature fluctuations and the extreme Texas weather, the likelihood of ants getting into equipment and causing damage, and how to position your screens to minimize glare.

Your home theater system should be set up just right to match your house, your family, and your programming. While home theater kits do exist for DIY installation, having a professional install your system gives you a wider range of equipment options and ensures that the installation is done with safety, placement, and your convenience in mind. If you would like to get an estimate or learn more about our services, please contact Audio Video Solutions.

3 Tips for the Perfect Home Theater

3 Tips for the Perfect Home Theater
Home theater installation in Aubrey, TX

Want to set up the perfect home theater? A lot goes into making everything just right so that you can enjoy your movie nights. Here are three important things to take into account.

Optimal Viewing Experience

The television screen needs to be situated at just the right distance from your eyes while seated, often measured by double the diagonal size of your screen. However, there’s a lot more to it than that.

For an optimal viewing experience, the lighting also needs to be taken into account. Will it cause a glare and ruin your vision? You also need to make sure that the angle of your seats and of the screen are just right. If you’re watching 3D movies, this is even more important.

Optimal Sound Experience

It’s not enough to just plunk down speakers next to the TV. For a great sound experience, you want speakers situated in just the right positions around your room. For a good and seamless surround sound, they need to be just the right volume. If you’re planning on using headphones, you need the right type that will give you a great experience.

Make Everyone Happy

As mentioned, it’s important to carefully place your seats, chairs, and couches in the right places. However, if you plan on watching films with your family and friends, you need to make sure everyone is happy. If you have the wrong chairs or they are in the wrong place, people’s vision may be partially blocked, ruining their viewing experience. The position of the screen and of the chairs must be carefully planned out.

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Building the Ultimate Media Room

Who doesn’t want a media room in their dream home? It adds to the resale value, increases the entertainment ability, and gives a place to relax that guests will love.

Building the Ultimate Media Room

Creating a media room isn’t as simple as sticking a television and a couple of chairs in a room. Building a media room can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing, but with a little planning and little know-how, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The centerpiece of your media room will be the screen. The days of the projection screen are in the past with the advances in 4K televisions (although many purists still prefer the retro look of the projectors). This is a subject that could fill multiple blog posts; just be sure to get a high-quality television and set it up properly. For more info on how to properly set-up your television contact us today!.

The next thing you will want to plan is your sound system. It’s important to get a high-quality sound system with a bass speaker and several surround sound speakers. With the advances in Bluetooth speakers, it makes mounting them even easier than ever. Your main speakers need to be mounted high with the bass speaker on the floor.

Speaking of the floor, the carpet will help with sound acoustics. You may also want to invest in some sound-proofing for the walls.

You will also need to plan how you will control the light. I don’t just mean choosing a cool wireless dimming system. You also have to keep the outside light out. This is one of the primary reasons so many people set-up their media rooms in the basement.

Lastly, it needs to be comfortable. Recliners are popular options for home media rooms. If you stagger your floor in stair-step design you can fit multiple rows of recliners in your media room.

The most important thing about a media room is that it fits your home, your needs, and your personality. The finishing touches can be anything that makes it uniquely yours. There are a lot of option available for making your media room unique depending on your budget. For more information on setting up your media room contact us.

Sound in Every Corner of the Room

When the big screen comes to life and the smell of buttered popcorn wafts through the movie theater, you realize you have entered a world of mini-escape, an almost universal experience of entertainment that has been popular for decades! But increasingly popular is the desire to bring a similar experience into the home via entire rooms dedicated to the theater encounter.

Sound in Every Corner of the Room

One of the thrills of going to the movie theater is being immersed completely in surround sound, where every corner of the room whispers, booms, and creaks. The sounds of whirring helicopter blades, the chop of an ax on wood, the songs of birds–all this and more can be experienced with a good home surround sound system! And although there are a number of quality televisions on the market that offer excellent quality and sound, installing surround sound will bring a superior experience to your home theater as you enjoy the latest box office hits, the Superbowl, or your favorite prime time series! Do you want to kick back and take in some of your favorite tunes? A high-quality home audio system delivers your music 360 degrees, too.

You choose the room, find some comfortable seating, and pop the popcorn, then give us a call at Audio Video Solutions. For over eleven years, we have been providing sales, service, and installation of home theater products in the Denton, Texas and surrounding areas. We are committed to doing the job for our customers quickly, professionally, and their complete satisfaction! Be sure to check our website for current promotions!

Communications Network Installation

More and more people and organizations are realizing that designing, installing, and configuring a cabled network system is key to create the right environment and technical capabilities. Rather than leaves these portions of a communication network to piecemeal installation, people are working with professional communications network solutions providers to provide the best service and comprehensive system.

Communications Network Installation

For example, many individuals are now installing surround sound audio systems in living or entertainment rooms. However, they also want to be able to make and receive phone calls in peace without the booming sound of the stereo in the background. A network designer could merge these two systems to quiet or mute the stereo when a phone call is active.  As long as they have the right cables, the right network, and technology, a number of features can be installed.

Designing and installing a communications network requires expertise.  has to think holistically about the cable installation, the Internet, audio devices, hardware and other goods to create the best system. Some people have several TVs or computers on the same wall, while others have many in the same home. Without thinking about the cable installation first, costs, construction and installation time could multiply exponentially. Instead, people must think about these issues as one ecosystem.

Audio Video Solutions has been serving the DFW area for over 10 years. We have successfully and professionally installed hundreds of communication networks for individuals in the region with outstanding customer service. For more information on infrastructure and network cabling, please contact us.

Mounting A TV Above The Fireplace

Mounting A TV Above The Fireplace

The first thing you do when you move into a new house, start laying out your furniture! This is not always as easy as it seems, with difficult room shape or arrangement, or even small spaces with big furniture. The last thing you want to work into the arrangement is a clunky entertainment set for your tv. You know you want to mount your tv above the fireplace, you dream of how nice and clean that will look, not to mention no added furniture pieces, but the idea of actually mounting it becomes a nightmare.

Mounting Hassles

After knocking around on the wall, or using the stud finder that seems to beep all over or not at all, you find what you hope are studs to hold up your tv, and have that moment of victory. That is quickly overtaken, however, when one person has to hold the tv, getting heavier by the minute, but entirely too expensive to drop; the other person furiously trying to screw in and tighten the bolts but seeming to make little progress. While this sounds comical, it definitely isn’t when your arms are shaking, and you just want your tv mounted.

Benefits of A Mounted TV

Having your tv mounted above the fireplace changes the entire feel of a room, and elevates your design instantly. It allows the room not be overtaken by the tv, letting your personal style be the star instead. A mounted tv gives more space, optimal viewing angles, and protection for your investment. Mounting your tv is truly one of the best design decisions for your home you can make, and we can make that simple!

We Can Help!

Instead of rearranging your furniture to accommodate your tv, changing your design aesthetic for that outdated entertainment unit, or rearranging your body trying to mount it, achieve it all through us. Get all the benefits of your tv mounted on the wall without the hassle by contacting us today!