The Advantages of Mounting Your Television

Mounting a television to your wall provides you with a number of advantages over simply placing it on a TV stand. For one thing, it can save a significant amount of space over what you get from using a standard TV stand to hold your television. It also massively increases the number of locations you can use your TV in since it can be placed on the walls now rather than just on your dresser or whatever table you happen to have on hand that fits that particular TV’s size.

The Advantages of Mounting Your Television

1. Avoid Neck & Eyestrain

Mounting a TV also makes it that much easier on you as your TV can be placed at eye level rather than just at whatever level the table you put it on happens to default to. Mounting your TV at the correct height and angle can help you avoid straining your neck or eyes by having to gaze up or down at an awkward angle for long periods of time when using your television.

2. Easy to Install

Another reason why wall mounting your flatscreen is a great idea is that there really isn’t any real reason not to. Installing it using a wall mount is a simple and straightforward process and since it has so many advantages and there isn’t anything complicated about it there really isn’t any reason that you shouldn’t wall mount your TV since it’s so easy to do.

3. Modern TVs are Designed for Wall Mounting

Most modern televisions are also just designed so that they can be wall mounted easily. Flat screen TVs are specially made with attachable bolts on their back sections which serve to make it easy to hang your TV on the wall and make it so that you can have the most optimal viewing angle possible once your TV is successfully installed there.

For more information on why you should consider Wall Mounting your Flatscreen TV and to get help with the mounting process, contact us today!

Be Prepared Before Installing a Television Mount Into a Brick Wall

Walls are surprisingly fragile things. Even though the majority of television mounting brackets are designed to take the surface constraints into consideration, it can still be a risky chore finding precisely the right way to secure your television in place. Bigger screens and pivoting mount arms seem like even bigger risks. But with the right equipment, any setup can be installed without surface damage or breaking the television. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re installing a television on a brick accent wall:

Be Prepared Before Installing a Television Mount Into a Brick Wall

Not all brick walls are built from brick.

Unless you know what materials went into building the accent wall, you can’t be sure you’re dealing with real brick. For interior accent walls, it’s much more likely that the underlying sheetrock was covered with brick veneer, or thin layers of brick that can be adhered in place like tiles. In many ways, this makes your job easier: real brick can be difficult to drill through and work with. But, at the same time, it means the wall is already carrying a lot of weight and you need to be even more careful supporting your television.

Universal mounting screws might not be enough.

Most television mounting kits come with the mounting screws and supports you need. But the majority of these tools are designed for regular sheetrock, or drywall. That means you need to augment the standard kit with concrete sleeve anchors and specific screws for the hard material. Unfortunately, this introduces a bit of guesswork unless you’re working with a company that can give you good advice and specific recommendations.

When in doubt, ask an installation expert to mount your television.

There are a lot of different reasons to have a professional install your television mount and the television itself. They can find the best height and angle to reduce glare and increase visibility. They can insert the cables through the wall if possible for a clean finish. They also have enough experience installing mounts to get the job done the first time. With brick walls, the stakes are even higher because you can’t use drywall filler to repair holes.

Whether you want a professional to install your television mount or you just want some good advice about the specific hardware for your brand of mount, go to Audio Video Solutions.

2 Safe Ways to Install Your TV Over Your Fireplace

Many experts warn against mounting your television above your fireplace, and that’s largely for your device’s sake. The heat and smoke from a fire can damage the television’s inner workings and shorten its lifespan. But there are several ways to get around the problem, so if the only available spot is above the fire but you don’t want to damage your future TV, here are two alternatives:

2 Safe Ways to Install Your TV Over Your Fireplace

Install a mounting device that holds the television away from the wall and protects the base of your television.

New televisions are often too thin to contain all of the space and ventilation needed to ward off damage from proximity to a fireplace, so you’ll need a wall mount that does all of that and more. Look for extending arms that hold the television away from the wall itself; while the air can still conduct heat, it’s far better than the warmed wall itself. Also look for arms that can change the television’s direction: if the television is about the fireplace, that means you probably have windows on the opposite wall, and moveable mounts can change the screen’s angle to keep the glare away.

Get a projector instead of a television.

This removes the mix of heat and electronics from the equation entirely. While you will have a screen above the fireplace still, it won’t be as easily damaged by the heat and you can automate it to roll up into a protective case when it’s not in use. The projector and all of the fragile electronic components will be safely away from the fireplace, either on the ceiling or the top of the opposite wall, so you don’t have to worry about potential damage or the screw marks from the wall mount if you rearrange the room.

No matter which option you pick, Audio Video Solutions can help. Go to our site here to get started.

3 Alternatives to Mounting Your Television Above the Fireplace

Most living rooms are organized around the television so everyone can watch comfortably. But television placement itself is often dictated according to available wall space, your windows, and how open your floor plan is. But the common solution of mounting your television above the fireplace can damage the internal parts and drastically shorten its lifespan.

3 Alternatives to Mounting Your Television Above the Fireplace

Where should you mount your television instead of above the fireplace?

  • The wall opposite your living room windows: It used to be that any direct sunlight would create an impossible glare across your television screen. However, changes in material and technology have reduced the reflective sheen to give you a few more placement options. You can also take advantage of better, less bulky black-out curtains that match the style of your living room and also help lower your energy bill.
  • Angle your television in a corner. Because televisions are becoming more and more lightweight, even as their dimensions continue to grow, you have more wall-mounting options than ever before. So long as you have a corner that allows for comfortable viewing, you don’t have to restrict your television to a flat wall. You can even get an adjustable mounting bracket so you can move the screen.
  • Don’t hang a television; use a projector instead. If above your fireplace is the perfect place for a screen, avoid the issue of heat damage entirely by opting for a projector. Projectors can display a crystal clear image either on the wall or on a screen that doesn’t have small electronic components vulnerable to heat. Sometimes your living is organized in such a way that no other wall space works, and that’s okay.

If you’re looking for the right spot to hang your television, our experts have a few ideas. Go to Audio Video Solutions to get started.

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional to Mount Your TV

Being able to mount your television is one of the best parts of having a flat-screen television: it can’t be bumped and toppled over, it’s at the best height for watching, and you get more of your floor space back. But there can be a few risks in the actual installation procedure without a lot of room for recovery. Hiring an expert to position and mount your new television will be a save for both your walls and your screen. Here’s why:

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional to Mount Your TV

  1. Your stud finder won’t find all of the obstructions before you drill. Stud finders are generally reliable for projects like installing a towel rack, generally because builders know about where a towel rack will be installed; they’ll keep the likely zone clear of fire blocks, wiring, and pumps. But living and bedroom walls are much more complicated, and stud finders can’t always catch everything.
  2. Specialists are used to finding solutions that match your house. Installation kits usually come with standard hardware, and you have to make your house and your chosen spot work for the brackets. But television installation experts know what brackets can be substituted for slightly wider or narrower ones, and they’re more familiar with finding spots great for both viewability and structural permanence.
  3. There’s a long checklist of requirements for the right spot, and it’s hard to keep it in mind. Mounting your television isn’t just a matter of finding a spot where it won’t fall down. You have to have a spot that works for all viewers, that won’t have too much sun glare, and that gives you a few options for how to hide the cords. Not only can experts do the actual installation, they can help you evaluate the best places on the walls or ceiling.

While you can always redo your tv installation, it’s a headache under the best of circumstances. If you’re about to mount a flat screen, hire an expert to position and install it so you can enjoy your home theater without lingering frustration. Go to Audio Visual Solutions to get started.

Before You Mount Your TV Consider This

Television setups have a large impact on the room around them. They decide where people sit, the range of activities you can do while watching a show, and your furniture layout as you rearrange to keep your DVR and devices tucked in a cabinet nearby. Here are three things to keep in mind as you think about where your television should be mounted.

Before You Mount Your TV Consider This

  1. Where will you be? You might sit down to watch your favorite show on the couch across the room, or you might be watching it as you cook. If you subscribe to a fitness channel, you’ll be watching the screen as you’re up and moving. Your installation service will take care of all the factors for hardware, structure, and the television’s weight, but make sure you have a spot that lets you use your television the way you want. And if no position seems quite right, get an adjustable mount.
  2. Can you use the television easily from where it will be mounted? While the remote will do most of the work, sometimes you need specific ports, jacks, or buttons to set up a new game system or to access the Internet. Make sure you can reach the ports without a problem and that the ports aren’t blocked off by the wall.
  3. Is there room for all of your devices? One of the benefits of a wall-mounted television is that you have a sleek, sharp-looking setup because your TV can go anywhere. But make sure your cable box, DVR, and game systems have a spot nearby. The cords need to reach the TV ports and an outlet, so try rearranging the room with the TV in mind to check if you like the look.

Mounting your TV to whichever wall you like is easier than ever, but that doesn’t mean you want to do it twice. Contact an expert from Audio Video Solutions who can help evaluate your potential spots and who can quickly and easily install it according to your choice factors.

TV Mounting Can Help You Transform Your Living Room

Right now, your television might sit on a television stand or entertainment center, and you might have never really thought about changing things. However, TV mounting can be a good way to instantly transform and improve your living room. Here’s why.

TV Mounting Can Help You Transform Your Living Room

Take the Focus Off of Your Television

Even though you and your family might love watching TV, you might not want your television to be the main focal point in your living room. If it’s sitting on a big and bulky piece of furniture, however, it’s only natural that people’s eyes will gravitate toward it. By mounting it on the wall, you can make it less noticeable and can instead make another part of the room the focal point, such as the fireplace or a nice picture that is hanging on the wall.

Get Rid of Outdated Furniture

Right now, you might be using an outdated entertainment center in your living room. This can make your living room look less modern and can be an eyesore. By mounting your TV on the wall, however, you can finally get rid of the outdated furniture that might be cramping your style.

Enjoy More Space in Your Living Room

A TV stand or entertainment center can take up a lot of space. If you don’t have much space in your living room, consider mounting your TV on the wall. This can help you open up the room so that you have room for other things.

As you can probably see, TV mounting can be a good way to transform your living room in no time. Instead of doing it yourself, however, contact us at Audio Video Solutions. Then, we can help by ensuring that your television is mounted properly and securely, and we can help you improve your home theater system in other ways as well.

How Can TV Mounting Enhance Your Home Theater?

Almost every home has a flat screen instead of a box set television because of the increased clarity, visual experience and visibility it offers to a large group of people watching throughout a room. You can take advantage of the enhanced visuals a flat screen has to offer by mounting it to the wall of a dedicated home theater room or in every room in your house that has a television.

How Can TV Mounting Enhance Your Home Theater?

Why should you get your televisions mounted?

  • Your home theater becomes more like a movie theater. Mounting your television on the wall, whether you have a flat screen television or the screen to capture a projected image, helps transform watching a movie into an authentic theater experience. It keeps your home theater style as minimalistic as possible to reduce clutter and distractions and lets you place it at the best angle for optimal viewing.
  • It lets you take the best advantage of the space in your home theater room. A mounted television can be hung high on a wall without the risk of a TV stand that can be bumped into or knocked over, which means that the television and the chance of knocking it down is kept far out of reach of small children and pets.
  • Experts can mount it in the best place to reduce glare and optimize visibility. At Audio Video Solutions, we’ve been offering professional services for over eleven years. If you want to offset any potential glare or direct sunlight, the type and materials of your wall, and any other TV mounting concerns, hiring a professional who has experienced mounting a television in multiple different settings means that your television placement will perfectly and safely match what you had in mind.

Having your television attached to your wall instead of standing on furniture is a great touch to modernize in your home theater and get the most out of your flat screen, and a professional can help ensure that this is done with long-term safety in mind. If you’d like if you’d like to learn more about how to customize your home theater, please contact Audio Video Solutions here.